Hannes Knechtges says : Bye Bye Corona

still wishful thinking, but we trust the summer will bring back some kind of normality and maybe this song helps you to bridge the time until ?


Hannes, better known as Hannes Knechtges from Cologne - globetrotter, YouTube tutorial hero, studio musician and life performing artist, just had to get this off his chest : „Bye Bye Corona Baby !“ 
His own guitar technique and tutorial channel on YouTube clocks up an impressive 160.000 subscriptions and ranks amongst the most highly rated YT channels in Germany. If he doesn’t inspire youngsters to play Metallica or Bon Jovi he enjoys touring or recording with his own german lyric indie rock outfit Lendgold. 
Hannes is about to realize another dream of his, a dream he has had for years - to release an English-language solo project. Despite Corona? Because of Corona! Deep from his heart and offering a remedy for potential lockdown blues. Hannes sings about The Corona event, our dreams and fears, but also offers optimism to overcome these problems. 

Be wise, keep your hopes and confidence and indulge yourselves into the  fresh melody, which lingers back and forth between rock, soul and pop and certainly grooves very competitively on an international level. 

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