Rolling Stone entdeckt Joe Carnwath

hat man nicht alle Tage - ein neuer Künstler auf Umlaufbahn und direkt ein fetter Aufschlag im legendären Rolling Stone ! Nicht auf dem Cover , aber immerhin...


"Born in the US, raised in the UK, and now living in Sweden, Joe Carnwath's musical heritage is difficult to trace. First impression: The voice is reminiscent of Jens Lekman, but with a slightly darker timbre. Second impression: Someone has listened to a lot of Lloyd Cole. Third impression:  Someone has listened to a lot of Edwyn Collins. Forth impression: Someone has listened to a lot of The Smiths. Which gives you the main points of orientation. But Carnwath has too much fun with his songs to let his writing be stifled by reverence for his forbearers. Songs like "Just Because You're Sad" and "Your Mamma" are brimming with melodies, romanticism, clever arrangements and mildly cynical lyrics. We are ready to be heartbroken! "