Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack

Brandnew Big Band double CD album release:


only available in Germany , Austria and Switzerland and specialized dealers near you. 

Soon presented live in absolutely wonderful christmas environment 
Don't miss the very special exclusive opportunity to see Paul Carrack performing
a Swing Big Band show with one of the best Big Bands in the world : 


Paul Carrack , the man with the golden voice'  meets the Grammy nominated SWR Big Band and together they will  create a wonderful, romantic acoustic Winterdream. 

Presenting a well selected programme of swingful and emotional Christmas songs , but also some of his world hits from Mike & The Mechanics times, Classic Swing standards by e.g. Frank Sinatra, heart rendering covers of Van Morrison's ' Moondance' and Donny Hathaway's ' This Christmas' , all arranged in a sensational Big Band Sound. 

Expect Swing, Soul, Jazz , the most popular American Songbook classics, Pop and Rock Hits , an exceptional singer and a brilliant Big Band.  

A wonderful night to remember.
No doubt , Christmas never sounded better than this!

Paul Carrack & SWR Big Band
Swinging Christmas 2013

06.12.2013 | D-Hamburg, CCH
07.12.2013 | D-Bergheim, Medio.Rhein.Erft
11.12.2013 | D-Mainz, Phönixhalle
12.12.2013 | D-Friedrichshafen, Zeppelinhalle
14.12.2013 | D-Rastatt, Forum
15.12.2013 | D-Stuttgart, Liederhalle




Alle Jahre wieder


Paul Carrack verzaubert unsere Weihnachtszeit

Paul Carrack beendet Weihnachtstour


nur noch zwei Gelegenheiten die sensationelle Swing Produktion live zu erleben

Kuno TV zeigt Carrack Special


Aufarbeitung der gesamten Karriere

Hamburger Blue Voices Chor singt mit Paul Carrack


grosser Tag für 40 Hamburger Jugendliche , die am 6.12. zum Tourauftakt im CCH auftreten werden

Hamburg sucht den Superchor


Jugendchor Casting Aktion für Paul Carrack Konzert in Hamburg

Current Single

Thinking About You This Christmas (15.11.2013)
new pop single , a song Paul originally composed for Cliff Richard, but then decided to produce it and release it on his own label. Flying high on BBC Radio 2's playlists this is destined to become a modern Christmas classic. Released over here as part of the 

' Swinging Christmas ' Big Band Album. 

Our download single release features not only Paul 's pop version , but also the wonderful swing version of this songs recorded with SWR Big Band. Cinemascopic sounds for listeners of  acquired taste....  

Paul Carrack , the Man with the golden voice , sings the most beautiful Christmas songs and throws in his magic rendition of Frank Sinatra's " Under my skin" !  
Sending shivers down your spine....

Current Album

Swinging Christmas (15.11.2013)
Paul Carrack, one of the best voices in today's pop business meets the , several times Grammy nominated , SWR Big Band. 

They are inviting the discerning listener to an exklusive, dreamlike, seasonal sound experience.

Presented in festive arrangements you will find, not only swingful and touching Christmas Classics , but also his worldhits from Mike & The Mechanics period like e.g. „Over My Shoulder and  “The Living Years“ , Big Band standards from Frank Sinatra or Cole Porter, but also Van Morrison’s „Moondance“ and Donny Hathaway’s  gem  „This Christmas“ , all laid out in a phenomenal Big Band Sound. 

Four new studio recordings and a complete concert performance make it a must have for all of Paul Carrack's fans.

Paul Carrack & SWR Big Band | Winterwonderland



Thinking about you  //  Swinging Christmas
This Christmas  //  Swinging Christmas
I've got you under my skin  //  Swinging Christmas
Moondance  //  Swinging Christmas
If I should fall behind  //  Good Feeling
Marmalade Moon  //  Good Feeling
Good Feeling About It  //  Good Feeling
I Can Hear Ray  //  Good Feeling
Time To Move On  //  Good Feeling
I Can't Make You ...  //  A Different Hat
Moon River  //  A Different Hat
Ain't No Love ...  //  I Know That Name
If I Didn't Love You  //  I Know That Name



On Tour

Swinging Christmas 2013
06.12.2013 | D-Hamburg, CCH
07.12.2013 | D-Bergheim, Medio
11.12.2013 | D-Mainz, Phönixhalle
12.12.2013 | D-Friedrichshafen, Zeppelinhalle
14.12.2013 | D-Rastatt, Forum
15.12.2013 | D-Stuttgart, Liederhalle

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